Carry on end-to-end business of IT services, business solutions, Product development, outsourcing , product support, software infrastructure support and hardware support for clients in the field of Information Technology, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Data Mining, Data Slandering, Data Processing, Testing, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and also provide Training, development and internship services. As part of training and development services, providing the integrated learning solutions, including Managed Training Services, strategic consulting, learning design, content development, delivery, technology, assessment, internship programs and learning management to Colleges, Universities, Technology companies, Training corporations and Publishing houses.

Establish, manage and operate software development centers, Business Process Outsourcing BPO), Call Centers, computer laboratories, customer services operations, educational institutions, training centers, counseling centers, consulting services and to undertake and execute any contract involving Back Office operations for clients using computer software / hardware based system, feasibility study, to undertake software and hardware development systems and programming, data analysis, data processing, data entry, data mining, data warehousing to design, develop, manufacture, whether for own use or for clients, software packages, whether customized or otherwise for domestic and overseas market(s) to act as Application Service Providers ( ASP) and to establish marketing franchise network anywhere in the world.

carry on the business as Software development, Internet and Intranet services, Electronic Commerce, Web designing, providing Animation services, Web site providers, Web hosting, training of man power, data administration utilities, business processing, works sub contracting, ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) consulting, management, marketing and services of all computer related activities in India and abroad. To design, develop, use, implement, lease, purchase, sell import, export, distribute, maintain and support various kinds of software and hardware for any information processing applications, conducting training courses in computer language, establishing and running placement services in Information technology related fields.