Mr. Komal kumar Bathula, the managing director of Surya E-Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Born in Vijayawada, graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (CSE) from the DJR Engineering College, Vijayawada.

Mr. Komal kumar has nine years of experience in the BPO Sector, and he specialized in the advanced A+, CCNA, NETWORKING, SERVERS and BPO. he has a good knowledge in management and marketing from the college days. In June 2014 he started the Surya E-Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd (OPC) in Vijayawada. a global professional services firm delivering digital transformation solutions for clients and outsourcing the projects.

Mr. komal kumar personifies SEBS commitment to its culture of customer centricity, its reputation for high service quality. He has restructuring driving empowerment deeper inside the company to help the company’s next wave of growth. The Services portfolio has been rearchitected to enable faster growth in Digital services, and align to the growth and transformation imperatives of clients. He has delivered industry leading performance by focusing on management stability, and a collaborative and participatory leadership style with a razor sharp focus on execution.

komal kumar's business experience provides him with a broad and deep understanding of the geopolitical, strategic and commercial challenges an evolving business faces.



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